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Limiting the impact of construction activities on the environment is key to the protection and sustainability of the world we live in.

Animals can be greatly affected by construction activities and it is important to protect them throughout the duration of the works. We are able to provide ecologists to undertake protected species and habitat surveys, which is a legal requirement throughout the UK.

Noise pollution can be a cause of conflict for neighbouring communities during the construction phase of a project, therefore our teams can carry out noise monitoring surveys to ensure noise is kept within the required levels.

Continued or prolonged exposure to dust can cause serious health problems later in life. Our dust monitoring services provide invaluable data that can be used to install preventive measures that can control the levels of dust in the air.

Some construction activities cause high levels of vibration that can damage surrounding structures and infrastructure. We are able to provide vibration monitoring surveys in order to prevent catastrophic damage.

Arboricultural surveys also known as tree surveys, are carried out for two purposes. The first being, to determine the safety of a tree in accordance with The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 & 1984. The second reason to carrying out a tree survey is for planning and development, which requires a BS 5837 compliant report, detailing the dimensions, conditions, age and classification of the trees within the proposed area.

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