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Knowing the space that you have, is crucial and is the only way to maximise its potential. Measured building surveys serve many purposes from aiding with planning permission to a fully compliant BIM construction project. Such surveys can also provide solid evidence to many legal matters including; right of light, boundary disputes, as-built surveys and professional witness services.

We can work to any level of specification and accuracy required, to ensure the best deliverable to suit all budgets.

Due to the large amount of data that we capture on site, we are able to provide highly accurate calculations for:

  • Internal Area (NIA) calculations for rental properties, service charges and leases looking at usable space (shops, offices and businesses)
  • Gross Internal Area (GIA) surveys (Industrial units, stores and warehouses)
  • Gross External Area (GEA) surveys (used for re-build costs)
  • Retail Zones or ITZA (‘In Terms of Zone A’), ranking floor space in order of footfall importance
  • Land Registry Plans for leased properties showing a location map, and common areas on the floor plan

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